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Thailand Time is 7 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Thailand Time is not adjusted for Daylight Saving Time and the whole of Thailand is in the same time zone which is Indochina Time (ICT), GMT+7. Telling the time in Thailand can be quite complicated. Whilst Thailand does use the 24 hour clock, in conversation time is usually referred to by using the traditional system of Thailand Time. Thailand Time is split into 4 parts, each part consisting of 6 hours. With the exception of the last hour in each quarter, Thai people use an identifier to make it clear which of the 4 periods of the day they are referring to. Sometimes though, even Thai people get confused and have to ask for clarification.

Thailand Time (GMT+7)

Below is the Thai modified traditional time system used for telling the time in Thailand.

01:00 Tee Neung 02:00 Tee Song 03:00 Tee Sahm
04:00 Tee Sii 05:00 Tee Hah 06:00 Hok Mong Chao

07:00 Jet Mong 08:00 Paet Mong 09:00 Gao Mong
10:00 Sip Mong 11:00 Sip-et Mong 12:00 Tiang (Wan)

13:00 Bai Mong 14:00 Bai Song (Mong) 15:00 Bai Sahm( Mong)
16:00 Sii Mong Yen 17:00 Hah Mong Yen 18:00 Hok Mong Yen

19:00 (Neung) Thum 20:00 Song Thum 21:00 Sahm Thum
22:00 Sii Thum 23:00 Hah Thum 24:00 Tiang (Keun)

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