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Who wants to be a millionaire. Playing the Thai Lottery might give you a slightly better chance than most lotteries. The Thai Lottery is held twice a month, on the 1st and 16th.

Thai Lottery tickets cost just 40 Baht each but are usually sold as a double ticket, costing twice the price. However, the sellers will add on their commission so a double ticket will cost you between 100 and 120 Baht. Tickets are on sale nearly everywhere, markets, outside shopping centres, in restaurants and at the roadside. What you still can’t do is to buy a ticket online or from a machine because in spite of several government proposals, there has always been a very strong lobby against it suggesting that it would put the ticket sellers out of business. The selling of Lottery tickets at one time was reserved for disabled people but whilst some of the ticket sellers are disabled, nowadays the majority are not.

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The Thai Lottery is paper based and the winning numbers are drawn by hand, not by machine, as in many other countries. Each ticket has 6 numbers printed on it. You can choose any number you want. In addition to the major prizes, there is a separate draw for the last 2 and last 3 numbers on the ticket.

A major jackpot is also paid out to any holder of a ticket with not only the correct winning number but also has the “Set” number as drawn. If you’re that lucky you could net a cool 45 Million Baht or more!

The Thai Lottery (Huay) is immensely popular with Thai people, being their only legal opportunity to have a flutter, the lottery being made legal in 1974. Many of the ticket sellers are sold out days before the draw. Nearly everyone will claim to have a special system for picking the winning numbers, some people traveling large distances to their favourite temple or shrine. As well as the legal state lottery there is also an illegal, underground lottery called “huay tai din”.

Thailand Lottery Results are published online by the Government Lottery Office within a few hours of the draw and you can also purchase a list of the winning numbers at major road intersections in the cities and from some of the ticket sellers.

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  1. Vangie says:

    I am a filipina working here in Thailand and I always bought a lotto tickets but don’t know how to look for the results cause it’s in thai. How will I know if I won the draw if I bought the ticket from other place and and how will i check on the results of its in thai language written?

  2. i am a filipino working here in saudi arabia and i always play the thailottory for 3 number or last 3 digit for monthly draw and i want to request the all result form the beginning tilt 2011 english number?

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