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Making telephone calls to and from Thailand is straightforward and if you know the International dialling codes and Area codes there is no necessity to place the calls through an International Operator. Below is the list of International dialling codes together with the Thailand Area codes which cover all the Provinces of Thailand. The International dialling code for Thailand is “66”. It is important to remember that if the Area code begins with a zero, the zero is omitted when direct dialling. If you are dialling a Thai telephone number from within Thailand then the leading “0” must be dialled. Examples are shown below.
Thailand Time is 7 hours ahead of GMT.

International Dialling Codes

Calling from Thailand to London in the UK: 001 44 20 ********
001 (Exit code for Thailand)
44 (International dialling code for the UK)
20 (Area code for London is 020 so leading 0 is omitted)
**** **** (Telephone number)

Calling to Chiang Mai in Thailand from the USA: 011 66 53 ******
011 (Exit code for USA)
66 (International dialling code for Thailand)
53 (Area code for Chiang Mai is 053 so leading zero is omitted)
****** (Telephone number)

Calling to a Cellphone in Thailand from the USA: 011 66 *********
011 (Exit code for USA)
66 (International dialling code for Thailand)
********* (Telephone number, omitting the leading “0”)



Other useful Numbers

Directory Enquiries 1113
Telephone Repairs 17
International Operator 100
International (Direct dial) 001

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