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There are over 40,000 Buddhist Temples in Thailand.which in Thailand are known as Wats. Unfortunately, more than 5000 of these Wats are in a ruined condition and are no longer in use but many are fine examples of the History and Heritage of Thailand.

Festivals & Holidays

Thailand's Festivals, both National and Regional. Thailand Holidays including Buddhist Religious Holidays.

Parks & Gardens

National Parks of Thailand. Thailand's Parks, Gardens and Arboretums.

Lifestyle, Culture & Religion

These galleries contain images of Thai Lifestyle, Religion and Culture and show some of the Buddhist rituals and beliefs as well as cultural events and everyday scenes.

Flora & Fauna

A selection of images showing the wide range of tropical plants, orchids and trees in Thailand together with some of Thailand's wildlife.

Magic & Superstition

Thai people are superstitious and some believe in the powers of magic. We illustrate some of these beliefs and also include Thai traditional tattoos which are known as Sak Yant.


Thai people like to enjoy life (Sanook) and Thailand has a wide range of sports. Football is perhaps the most popular today, but Thailand is renowned also for its Golf courses.

Music, TV, Radio, Movies & Commercials

Thai music from Luktung to Reggae together with well known Thai Movies and humorous Thai Commercials. Online Thai Television and Radio stations.

Food, Weird & Wonderful

Thai cuisine is renowned throughout the World for its spicy cuisine but there is another side to Thai food that visitors may not find so attractive


Backgound information on some of Thailand's best known celebrities including film stars and comedians.

Thailand Places of Interest

Thailand has a lot to offer the visitor and we are continually searching for new places of interest. Sightseeing is one of the great pleasures of any holiday and we have some special places for you to visit.

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