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The Thaimusic known as Luktung also written as (Luk Tung/Look Tung) has become an extremely popular form of music in Thailand. Luktung Thaimusic or Playng Luktung became popular in Isaan, Northeastern Thailand, and is country music often translated as “Songs of the children of the rice fields”. Luktung songs can be fast or slow with frequent use of vibrato. Many of the Luktung songs describe the difficulties of rural village life and the sadness and problems incurred when moving to the big cities. Food is one of the popular themes as are unfaithful husbands, love affairs and prostitution. Luktung songs are usually sung in the Thai language but there is an increasing number of songs sung in the Isaan dialect.


Luktung as a music form has has changed considerably over the last 2 decades, chiefly because of the influence of Thailand’s best known and most loved Luktung singer,

the late Pumpuang Duangjan who introduced a more glamorous presentation to Luktung.

Today it can sometimes be very difficult to distinguish Luktung from 2 other forms of Thaimusic, Peua Cheewit (Songs for Life) and Mor Lam which is a much older form of Thaimusic.

Apart from Pumpuang Duangjan, some of the most popular Luktung singers in Thailand include Tai Orathai, Jintara Poonlarp, Siripon Ampaipong, Yodrak Salukjai, Jonas Anderson and Eakapon Montragam.

You can listen to Luktung music on Thai Online Radio

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