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Phai Pongsathon, one of the best known singers in the Thai music genre known as Luktung, was born in Yasothon, a province in North Eastern Thailand.

Phai Pongsathon, was born Prayoon Srijahn on the 12th June 1982 and was the youngest of 4 children. Life was extremely tough for the young Prayoon. Both his parents were poor farm workers and some days the family did not have enough money to buy food. It was always his dream to one day be a Luktung singer but financial necessity forced him to move to Bangkok where he helped his older sister run a tiny restaurant.

It was while Phai Pongsathon was in Bangkok that he met a well known Thai comedian known as Lukyee. Phai told Lukyee all about his great wish to be a Luktung singer and with Lukyee’s help Phai made a demo tape which he took to all the recording studios.

Phai Pongsathon

Phai took part in many singing contests and even joined a Mor Lam group as a dancer. At this time, he decided to leave his sister’s restaurant and spend his time trying to start his career as a Luktung singer. This decision was almost disastrous as the little money that Phai had soon was spent and with no money for food, he returned to work with his sister. It was during this second period with his sister that a famous Luktung singer, now a Luktung teacher, Ajarn Sala Koonawat, heard his demo tape and was impressed. Sala Koonawat took the demo tape to Grammy Gold, one of the largest recording Companies in Thailand and arranged for Phai to take a singing test. A short time later, Phai Pongsathon signed a contract with Grammy Gold.

After a 2 year apprenticeship with Grammy Gold, appearing at concerts with better known singers while receiving training from Ajarn Sala, Phai Pongsathon recorded his 1st Album in 2005. The Album was called ” Fon Rin Nai Muang Luang” which means ‘Dripping Rain in the Big City

Some additional facts about Phai Pongsathon:

Birth Sign……Gemini
Favourite Foods…… Sticky Rice, Som Tam, Pork leg with rice.
Favourite Colours……Blue, White
Favourite Movies……Romantic
Favourite Music……..Luktung
Favourite Celebrity……..Petchtai Wongkamlao – Mum Jokmok who also comes from Yasothon

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  1. nantharat says:

    i like khun,phai and nong,tai orratai makkkkkk possible i would like to let you have more mussic vedio both of them form,romania [but,i am thai form roied ka ]

  2. dave says:

    The other big Grammy Gold star Takkaden Cholada appears in the khon baan deogan video as a dancer.

  3. wow i like him so much…. so i can sing… he song too…. i like Thai song……..

    อยากจะร้องเพลงลูกทุ่งไทยให้ชาวโลกได้ฟัง ครับ


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