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Year of the Dragon

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. In the Thai Zodiac, the Dragon is often replaced by a Naga. The Year of the Dragon and the Chinese New Year will commence on the 23rd January 2012 and will be influenced by the Element “Water”. In the Chinese Zodiac and also the
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Thailand Flooding

Thailand is reeling from a series of natural disasters. Earthquakes, Floods, Drought and unseasonal Cold Weather are testing Thailand’s resources to the limit. Still shaken by the recent earthquake that occurred on the border of Myanmar and Thailand which was felt as far away as Bangkok, recent reports now indicate that there were also earthquakes
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The next Year of the Ox in the Thai Zodiac will be 2021. The Year of the Ox, sometimes referred to as the Year of the Bull or Year of the Buffalo is known in Thailand as Pee Shaloo. In the Thai Zodiac which is broadly based on the Chinese Zodiac, The Ox is the
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Year of the Rabbit

The year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit in the both the Chinese and Thai Zodiac. 2011 will be a Metal Rabbit year. The normal characteristics of Rabbit people are tempered by the Chinese Element Metal. The 5 Chinese elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth run in a 5 Year cycle which overlays
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The Year 2010 is the Year of the Tiger in both the Chinese Zodiac and the Thai Zodiac. The Year of the Tiger in 2010 will be a Metal Tiger. The Tiger is the 3rd symbol in the Thai Zodiac. People born in the Year of the Tiger share certain characteristics. These character traits are
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The Thai Zodiac Year closely resembles the Chinese Zodiac Year but in the Thai Zodiac, the Dragon is replaced by a Naga. The Chinese Zodiac Year and the Thai Zodiac both follow the 12 year Lunar Cycle with each of the 12 years represented by an animal, unlike the Western Zodiac which divides each year
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