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Asaha Bucha Day

In his very first sermon, The Lord Buddha explained the basic doctrine of Buddhism. The essence of Buddhism is embodied in his teaching of The Four Noble Truths which are fundamental to Buddhist beliefs. It is essential to Buddhists and those people interested in Buddhism to fully understand the Four Noble Truths as they are
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Asaha Bucha Day

The Buddhist Festival of Asaha Bucha is one of the most important festivals in the Buddhist calendar. Asaha Bucha day celebrates the occasion of the first sermon given by the Lord Buddha. This Buddhist Festival also commemorates the birth of the Sangha. The Sangha refers to a group of people who have achieved enlightenment, either
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Wian Tian

On the major Buddhist Holidays, Thai Buddhists will gather in the evening at Temples all over Thailand to take part in a Buddhist Ceremony known as ‘Wian Tian”. Wian Tian is a candlelight procession where the people will walk three times around a Temple in a clockwise direction, carrying a lighted candle, Joss sticks and
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In Thailand Meditation Centers there are 2 types of meditation practiced, Vipassana and Samatha. This Thailand meditation guide will try to outline the differences between Vipassana and Samatha meditation practice. Vipassana meditation is also known as Insight meditation and Samatha meditation is referred to as Concentration meditation. Concentration meditation was practiced long before Buddhism was
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Namo is a Sanskrit word meaning Homage. The word Namo is a short version of the universal Prayer or Buddhist Mantra used by Thai people to show their respect and pay homage to the Lord Buddha and when time is short can be used on its own as a prayer.


Many Buddhist Temples in Thailand will have at least one Bodhi tree and where you find a Bodhi tree you will often see long sticks with a V shaped end which are known as Mai Kam ไม้ค้ำ. It appears that these Mai Kam offer life support for the Bodhi trees but they do so only in a symbolic way.

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