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Thailand's Got Talent

The Thai Ladyboy Bell Nuntita wowed the audience and judges in a recent Thailand’s Got Talent competition. If any members of the audience had any doubts as to the true identity of the very attractive Bell, they were surely dispelled as she began her song with a beautiful female soprano voice. Half way through the
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International Dialling Codes

Making telephone calls to and from Thailand is straightforward and if you know the International dialling codes and Area codes there is no necessity to place the calls through an International Operator. Below is the list of International dialling codes together with the Thailand Area codes which cover all the Provinces of Thailand. The International
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Wat Mahathat- Sukhothai

Wat Mahathat is the largest and most important Thai Wat in the ancient city of Sukhothai. Comprising over 200 structures, it is believed that Wat Mahathat was founded around the middle of the 13th Century by King Sri Intaratit. Wat Mahathat is located in the Sukhothai Historical Park which became a UNESCO World Heritage site
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Pattaya Int. Music Festival

The 10th Pattaya International Music Festival will take place at Pattaya Beach, Pattaya from the 18th to the 20th March 2011, 6pm to Midnight. As one of the largest International beach festivals in Asia it is expected to draw a crowd in excess of 400,000 people to the event. The 2011 Pattaya International Music Festival
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Naree Pon, Tree Women

One of the greatest mysteries in Thailand surrounds the existence of Tree Women known as Naree Pon or Makalipon. Naree Pon are like fruit Faeries, females with perfect form and great beauty but miniature in size. Legend has it that the God Indra ( Phra Indra or Phra-In in Thailand) created a magical forest as
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Sak Yant Mae Tap

The Sak Yant design Mae Tap is one of the great universal Sak Yant designs. Mae Tap means Commander-in-Chief and this gives us the first clue as to the meanings behind this Powerful and Sacred Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoo design. Mae Tap is sometimes referred to as the Guardian Yant. The benefits which the Sak
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There are many tales in Thailand about a Thai Ghost but none is as well known as the story about the Thai Ghost known as Mae Nak. Mae Nak was a much feared type of Thai Ghost called a Phi Tai Tong Glom. The tale of Mae Nak is both terrifying and touching. It is
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Phi Ta Khon

The Ghost Festival known as Phi Ta Khon is an annual Festival held in Dansai, Loei province in the North East of Thailand. In 2011, the Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival will be held on the 24th to the 26th June. The Ghost Festival is a part of the celebrations for the Buddhist Festival of
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Power of Magic

Sak Yant, the sacred Magic Tattoo or Buddhist Tattoo, when applied by a Buddhist Monk or Brahmin Priest, will confer on the wearer certain benefits and protection. The Sak Yant’s power of magic has been known to Thai people for hundreds of years, long before Buddhism came to Thailand, but Sak Yant has only recently
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Dendrobium unicum

Dendrobium unicum Seidenf. is a unique Thai orchid because, after the 1st year, it sheds its leaves before flowering. This is the reason that Dendrobium unicum got its name. The Thai orchid,Dendrobium unicum, is known in Thailand as “Euang Krang Saet” (เอี้องครั่งแสด). Dendrobium unicum is classed as a miniature orchid and is an Epiphyte, which
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