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The eagerly awaited sequel to the Thai Film Yaem Yasothon, Yaem Yasothon 2, is scheduled for release on 3rd December 2009. The Thai Film, Yaem Yasothon 2, is a country comedy and stars Mum Jokmok ( Petchtai Wongkamlao) as Yaem.

Mum Jokmok is also the Director of the film. Included in the cast is Janet Khiew who returns as Yaem’s glamorous and amorous wife Juei along with 2 of Mum Jokmok’s own children, his daughter Em Busarakam Wongkamlao, who plays the screen part of Yaem’s daughter, and his son Mick Paytai Wongkamlao.

Yaem Yasothon with its garishly colourful costumes and typical Thai humour, was a huge success for Mum Yokmok and Yaem Yasothon 2, with a mixture of Thai and Western comedy is expected to be a worthy successor. One sad event that delayed the filming of Yaem Yasothon 2 for a short while, was the tragic deaths of 3 people in the family of the owners of the farm where filming was taking place, who were struck by lightening.

Yasothon where Yaem Yasothon 2 (แหยมยโสธร2) was filmed, is a town in Isaan in N.E.Thailand and is the birthplace of Petchai Wongkamlao.


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  1. ij haokip says:

    Hi….i’m isaac Haokip from northeast India….the culture and tradition which we posses a very simmilar…and the way we speak…eg. like d usage of buffalo. to plaugh d field ..and the way we build a hut..I like these flim ‘yaem yasoton’…

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