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Sak Yant, the sacred Magic Tattoo or Buddhist Tattoo, when applied by a Buddhist Monk or Brahmin Priest, will confer on the wearer certain benefits and protection. The Sak Yant’s power of magic has been known to Thai people for hundreds of years, long before Buddhism came to Thailand, but Sak Yant has only recently become popular in the Western World, partly due to the publicity surrounding well known personalities receiving a Sak Yant but also through a growing desire by many people to search for a deeper understanding of life. Throughout the World, many people are forsaking conventional wisdom in their search for something to improve the quality of their lives

Power of Magic

Recently, the Sak Yant’s power of magic was unexpectedly demonstrated to us by Phra Ajarn Dton Tanawiiro, a Buddhist Monk in Chiang Mai. We were visiting his Temple with two of our clients. They had just received their Sak Yant, when Ajarn Dton decided to give us all a rare and powerful demonstration. Perhaps he saw some doubt on our faces or perhaps he sensed we may have some misgivings. Whatever the reason we were very fortunate to be given the opportunity to see at first hand the Sak Yant’s power of magic. What we saw was witnessed by several people and was captured on our video below.

See Sak Yant Sacred Tattoo Designs

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7 Responses to “Sak Yant – Power of Magic”

  1. Marc says:

    Recently I read that this kind of tattoos is becoming more and more unpopular in Thailand. It was said that tattoos often are associated with lower class people and even criminals. Would you confirm this?

  2. Star says:

    Can i know where in Thailand is this place? Where i can get my Sak Yant Tattoo done?

  3. Pulak Barua says:

    I m live in London,I would like to do sak yant sacred tattoo in my body..coz I m buddhist nd I would like to protect myself all kind bad things…pls let me know how can I do it in London..

  4. mark says:

    Hi,i have received 10 or so from Ajarn Dtom,if you need help contacting him call me on 0931898232.Mark

  5. bruno says:

    why are hindu gods tattooed by buddhist monks?

  6. mattias says:

    Hi. Does anyone knows the meaning of sak yant “ngop nam oy”

    Best regards Mattias

  7. Zoran Radovanovic says:

    Hello, I will be in Chiang Mai in november and would love to visit Ajarn Dton for a sak yant I have been planning on getting for 3 years now. Can anyone provide me with information of where I can find him so I can orginize propertly. Thank you in advance.

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