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The Sak Yant design Mae Tap is one of the great universal Sak Yant designs. Mae Tap means Commander-in-Chief and this gives us the first clue as to the meanings behind this Powerful and Sacred Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoo design. Mae Tap is sometimes referred to as the Guardian Yant. The benefits which the Sak Yant Mae Tap can bestow include the following:

Maeta ma hah niyom – This will bestow great popularity on the wearer. Benefits include charm, good luck, luck in love and the ability to find true love.

Oopatae: This will ensure that in whatever enterprise or business activities the wearer is involved in they will have the ability to do the work correctly and ensures that everything will run smoothly.

Klaeoklad: Most people at some time will have an accident. This benefit ensures that the wearer will not suffer serious injury.

Ma hah Amnat: This will give the wearer great power, authority and control over other people.

Ma hah Taba Daecha: This will give self confidence, self-assuredness as well as courage and the mental strength to cope with adversity.

The Mantra or Katha included in the Mae Tap design is written in Khom, the ancient Khmer language.

Gan ha nay ha
A sang wi su loh pu sa pu pa ma a oo

We would like to thank Phra Ajarn Tanawiiro (Sak Yant Chiang Mai) for allowing us to photograph his work and for his help in translation of the Mantra.

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Sak Yant Mae Tap

Sak Yant Mae Tap

Sak Yant Mae Tap

Sak Yant Mae Tap

Sak Yant Mae Tap

Sak Yant Mae Tap

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4 Responses to “Sak Yant – Mae Tap – Commander-in-Chief”

  1. corinne says:

    hello dear thai-guide-to-thailand-team,

    i really like your reports about the sak yant tattoos.
    i’m travelling since 6 month and i really like to have the 5 sentence sak yant. now my question, do you now a place in bangkok, where i can get one but made by a monk? and has it to be on the left shoulder (i red something about this)
    i thank you very mutch for your answer!

    best regards corinne

  2. Alex says:

    you have to find someone who can take you to a city called Nakon Pathom (1 hour from Bangkok) in the temple Wat Ban Phra. this is THE temple for sak yant! but bring someone who speak thai, not so many tourist there!

    This is the temple where all the people who have sak make some meeting once a year. But you can go there every normal day (beware of buddha days, there are a lot).
    The tattoo cost 200 baht, a box of cigarettes and a flower. u can buy it at the entrance.
    I did it in september 2011 and recommend it!


  3. lao d. says:


    Do you have a design sheet for Mae Tap?

  4. Chris mariano says:

    i am a Muay Thai fighter, and are born in 1987 (year of the rabbit)..
    And i really want to make Rabbit sak yant tattoo. but i really cant find a picture ore anything online, ive been searching everywhere. so please, if someone knows a page ore something tell me. i know that in thailand they have a special temple for people who a born in the rabbit sign.
    And ive been aksing my khru about making one and he says that, there is one buddah around here who makes it, but i really want to see the sak yant version on it.
    Kind regards – Chris mariano

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