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Probably the most popular Sak Yant Magic Tattoo in Thailand is the Hah Taew or 5 Sacred Lines.

Thanks to celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, the Hah Taew Yant is certainly the best known in the West and has turned the Brahmin master who gave the Yant to her, Ajarn Noo Ganpai, into quite a celebrity himself. Each of the 5 lines of the Hah Taew Yant can carry a different meaning bestowing various benefits depending on the Sak Yant Master and the wishes of the recipient, making the 5 Sacred Lines Yant the most comprehensive and versatile of all the Yant designs. The Hah Taew Yant is not just a pretty design but is a powerful and sacred blessing bestowed on the wearer and therefore to receive its full powers the Yant should only be given by a Buddhist Monk or a Brahmin Priest.


The Hah Taew Yant is also the number one choice among females as the Yant is both attractive and also not too conspicuous. Every sacred line of this Yant will bestow a blessing on the receiver, usually including loving kindness, success in all aspects of life, charm, good luck and protection against evil spirits and the banishment of bad luck. Although all Hah Taew Yants may appear to look the same, there are many different versions. The lines of the Hah Taew Yant are in fact small sections taken from Buddhist prayers.


The following Katha or Mantra which praises the Lord Buddha’s 5 outstanding attributes is associated with the Hah Taew Yant.

Namo Putta Ya Na Metti
Mo Putta Ya Na Na Metti
Putta Ya Namo Na Metti
Ta Ya Namo Put Na Metti
Ya Namo Putta Na Metti

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50 Responses to “Sak Yant – Hah Taew – 5 Sacred Lines”

  1. […] varieties of tattoos to choose from. The different styles include (but are not inclusive to) the Five Sacred Lines Yant, Nine Spires Yant, Tiger Yant, and the Hanuman Yant (Monkey […]

  2. al says:

    does the hah taew tattoo have to go on the back of the left shoulder?

  3. admin says:

    No, it can go anywhere as long as it is above the waist

  4. kenneth says:

    what i cant do after receiving a har teaw tattoo?

  5. Shalesh says:

    How much does this tattoo cost? What’s the price range?

  6. RoJo says:

    Hello to everybody.

    Since i have seen the Yant Ha Taew tattoo from angelina jolie i´m very interested about this tattoo. I have researched a lot at the internet and the more information i get the more interested & faszinated i am….

    The faszination about the Yant Ha Taew leads to a hughe wish, that i also want a Yant Ha Taew. But i didn´t like a simple copy of it, because the Yant Ha Taew is sacred.

    Unfortunately i didn´t have the possibility to go to thailand for the tattoo. However, i have found a person in germany who has learned the traditional kind of tattoing from buddhist monks and prisioners… But now i have the problem, that i want a Yant Ha Taew which is specific for me. Unfortunately the person can only tattoo normal Sak Yant, but he can not create the 5 sacred lines – he is no monk….

    Now i hope, that i can get somewhere a design template for my Yant Ha Taew. With this template i will go to this person and he will do the tattoo on the traditional way…

    I really hope, that someone can help me, that i can get the right Yant Ha Taew Template for me..
    naturally it is possible to make a donate for my own special Yant Ha Taew Template.

    Thanks a lot + best regards

  7. Caitlin says:

    I’ve always wanted a Sak Yant tattoo, and this is the one I’ve always liked best. Now I finally know what it means. Now, I just would like to know where it is possible to get one, and how much they cost.

  8. Daniel says:

    Hi Caitlin,

    I think the best thing to do, is to go to Wat Bang Phra. It’s 50 km west of Bangkok. It’ll only cost you around $ 3. That’s what it costs to buy the temple/monks an offer. You’re supposed to buy it before you go into the temple (they sell it right in front of the temple…so you don’t have to worry about that).

    I’ll go to Wat Bang Phra in February. Can’t wait 🙂

    Enjoy Thailand!

  9. Chris says:

    Can any one tell me of a temple in Phuket where I could get a sak yant?

  10. Leonie says:


    On a spur of the moment and perhaps intuition more, I accepted an invitation to do a trip to Thailand recently. Not being a Buddhist, but applying the principles, as I believe all things relating to spiritual wellbeing has a single unifying purpose, I’ve always felt an affinity towards the Eastern cultures regardless. Thailand and it’s people just humbled me more than explanation could ever justify. It was during my trip, on the island of Kho Phi Phi, that I decided to have another tattoo (existing ones being very sacred and relating to an important events in my life), done Bamboo method. At that stage not yet sure what I wanted, and decided to let my intuition guide me once more. All my previous tattoos were own designs, I was weary of just having one for the sake of it. I stumbled upon a small village tattoo artist, who had the 5 line Sak Yant symbol, designed the traditional style but also in a circular shape. I knew that was it. Although the circular shape was very appealing to the eye, the name of the tattoo artist did not resonate with me. I feel even the person doing the tattoo, had to have significance and somehow, someone calling himself Satan, just did not put my soul at ease, purely for the negative energy associated with the name. I settled to have it done the traditional style but with another Thai tattoo artist.
    Which brings me to my two questions.
    1. Would the format of the tattoo style have an impact on the effect and meaning of Sak Yant, especially if in a circular shape?
    2. I had my tattoo done on the right side, on my ribs under my arm, for the reason of it being part of the source of my existence, which is my heart and my lungs. Does this make any difference to the effectiveness of the Sak Yant?

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Blessings and gratitude.

  11. Chris says:

    Hey. Thanks for all the info, but im now in Bangkok and have been traveling for a while and cant seem to find any place that understands or knows what the Hah Taew means. Ive even walked into several monsasteries and asked Monks if they could bestow one to me and they dont seem to understand or know. I was wondering if you could give me a hand in letting me know where I might find a place in Bangkok where I could get one for myself and then have it tattood. Thanks.

  12. Todd says:

    Ironically..i was driving from roiet to sisaket and with my thai wife..she said in some small village is a Wat..Temple that a monk ..with tattoo from head to toes..does this tattoo. For 7thb or your own offering. He did the tattoo in 10 minutes. Beautiful. We both got them for 1000b. ..about $35. . Its not the money but the experience of getting it in a small temple…..priceless

  13. emily says:

    I want this tattoo on my ribs but although it can be done above the waist would a monk still do it on the left rib. And would it still work once blessed. Basically can i have this tattoo on my waist and it still have the same spiritual effect as if it was on the shoulder?

  14. Todd says:

    Emily…..any tattoo regarding buddist or thai related should always be avoid the waist out of respect for buddism and thailand. No monk will do such a tattoo below the waist. Period. Commonly its on the back. You can get this same tattoo in varios tattoo shops but the symbolism or good luck is lost. Its only art then.

  15. Tipleeeee says:

    Some days before I visited Ajarn Noo Ganpai. He just do ‘Hah Taew’ and costs approx. 20.000 Bath. For me that was little expensive, so I went to a different ‘wat’ to make my ‘Gao Yord’.

  16. Thana says:

    Hi, I am a female. Looking to do Thai prayer tattoo. Is there a list I can find for females? Thanks

  17. Joe says:

    Leonie… Heasrt is on the left side of the body…
    Thana, you don’t need a list. There are Arjan in Thailand who do Sak Yant on women, Arjahn Thoy has a facebook and he does some very beautiful work and at a very low price i.e. 5+ US dollars. The guy who did Jolie’s Sak Yant, charges 800+ US dollars because of all the fame and infact no longer even tattoos but has his disciples do it, and the magic has left that place because of greed.
    DO NOT under any circumstances print out something from the internet and take it to a local tattoo shop as 99% of the time, the images online are purposely misspelled in order to protect design and power from undeserving minds. If you’re going to get a Sak Yant… do some research and go to Thailand, the ritual itself is far more rewarding than wearing the tattoo itself. Arjahn Thoy speaks enough English to get by as well so you wont have a huge language barrier if you don’t speak any Thai. I speak Thai, I have many Sak Yant and I’ve been in and out of Thailand for the last 4 years. I know what I’m talking about.
    Sawasdee Krup

  18. SuThai says:

    For Leonie –

    Firstly, your heart is located on the left side of your body …

    Yes it does make a difference where you place a Sak Yant. A Hah Taew should only be placed on your left shoulder blade. Putting it anywhere else changes its intended meaning.

    And absolutely changing the design has an effect on its power! Why would you want to bastardise an ancient and sacred symbol??

    Sorry to tell you but you really just have a pretty tattoo with some Khmer lettering. It has no power, no meaning and no protection – it’s just a design.


  19. dede says:

    hai Joe,
    can you tell me where to meet Arjahn Thoy or his FB ? or where can i get Hah Taew Yant in bangkok ?
    khop khun ka

  20. lewis says:

    Can you please explain the (excuse the wording) swirls/ spirals at the top and bottom of each line, also commonly seen with other thai tattoos. Can they be placed above any peice of thai writing? Purely decoration? Many thanks! Nak Muay Farang.

  21. watinee says:

    i would really like to know where abouts in thailand they do the five lines.

  22. Kristel says:

    Im in Pai right now and a few paces down the street are a couple bamboo tattooing places that do this design. Not monks though. About 2000 baht. The bamboo tattooing is actually supposed to be less painful than a machine.

  23. lukas says:

    Does anyone know where to get one in a Temple by a monk. Somewhere around Chiang Mai?

  24. andy says:

    My wife has 5 line tattoo from Wat Bang Phra. we noticed the other night one line (lower half) got thicker, sort of raised face. Any particular meaning? Next morning normal (flat).

  25. Dave S says:

    My wife just received this yesterday in Amphoe San Patong…just south of Chiang Mai city. The monk Phra Ajarn Dton will give Sak Yant to women. We hired a driver in Chiang Mai to take us there (about 45 minute drive from the “old city” area) and he was able to translate for her.
    It was truly an amazing thing to watch. The ritual from start to finish (including the actual application of the tattoo) was about 45-50 minutes.

  26. serly says:

    Just get my sak yant two days ago in Wat Bang Phra by the monk named Luang Pi Nunn. I am not sure the meaning as we do not communicate with the monk at all. I let him choose whatever design that suit me. The sak yant is in my left blade. And, after the process, the monk give the blessing to the tattoo

  27. Ronin says:

    @ Dave : can you tell me how you got an appointment with the monk akharin who tattooed your wife? I am in chiang mai and have wanted to manifest this for years.

  28. How much does this tattoo cost? What’s the price range?

  29. Cal says:

    In singapore, I’m visiting ajarn tong. Located at sultan plaza in the beach road area, located on level 4 of the building, look for ” fo guang hang trading “.. Price range around SGD 200+

  30. Henrik Nielsen says:

    Hi, not a whole lot of people are bestowed witht the “magical powers” needed to do the “Sak Yant – Hah Taew” or 5 Sacred Lines and the 5 lines MUST be made on left shoulder! Was told of 13 men who all learned the magic from another man. These 13 men are the ones who now hold the magic and are able to do the Sak Yant. I heard of one of these 13 men was getting greedy and started to make money from his “magic powers”, so he’s now miscredited and can’t transfer any magic to the bearer of the tattoo any longer. Once wearing the Sak Yant, one have to live by certain rules. To be faithful is one… Disobeying the rules is said to lead to loosing power and loosing sanity … Have a good day!

  31. Vy says:

    Does it matter if the sak yant is horizontal instead of vertical

  32. VIKAS says:

    Hi, i would like to have Yant Serm Doung tatoo , can i have it done in any tatoo shop ????

  33. Jo says:

    Staying in Thailand, me were told by different Thais, that only women wear Hah Taew on left shoulder. Men would wear it on right shoulder.

  34. ramses says:

    ijust got the hah taew tattoo by a munk price was 25 euro or a 1000 thai bath i got it on my left side ribbs it hurt though but it has to hurt to get to give it its power it isnt just a beautifull and cool design it also stands for something i really apreciate row 1 stands for protection against unjustified punnishment protects you against bad influence and cleans your living arangement row 2 stands for protection against a bad horoscope positive constellation and protection against bad karma row 3 protects you against black magic and curses row 4 stands for good luck succes in your life in society row 5 makes you more atractive to people of the opposite gender and powers up row 3&4

  35. tan says:

    hi, i wish to get the ha taew from fo guang hang (singapore), anyone know the price they charge for this? thanks in advance!

  36. naomi says:

    Hi , i just got mine Ha Taew done week ago .
    I am not Thai , I don’t speak Thai . But i am the follower of Buddha dhama teaching .
    Here is the address of the (temple) Wat Bang Phra . The most famous “Tattoo Temple”

    Phra Udomprachanat (Luang Por Phern)
    Wat Bang Phra, Tambol Ban Gaew Fa
    Amphor Nakornchaisri, Nakornpathom

    In Thai to print for Taxi driver:

    วัดบางพระ (วัดหลวงพ่อเปิ่น)
    ต.บางแก้วฟ้า, อ.นครชัยศรี, จ.นครปฐม

    GPS Coordinates are N 13 53.846 E 100 12.773

    Tel: +66(0)34389333


    You will need to buy an offering (all is ready in set, there is orchid ,cigarette , candle and incense stick ) outside the temple before you entering . Only cost you 75Baht (date 14th Aug 2013 ) once you got the offering take off your shoe and enter the temple. They will show you where to put the offering and you may leave extra donation ( on your happy heart, any amount will do ) For female you have to enter to another covered hall.

    No phone allow inside the waiting hall .
    Please remain quite .

    There is lot of sakyant , you can view all of them on the wall. The monk wont talk to you , not gonna give any consultation before he start. He will choose the be suit for you. Also the position. Mostly Ha Teow is placed on left back shoulder on the bone of your “wing” but that’s not fix.
    No different ship for women and man , some has it on left ,some on right , some on the rib, some on arm.
    I do seen monk himself have sakyant on leg /feet, bottom low. So i don’t know why some commented, it could only be on left ,and above the waist.

    As i mention earlier the position , the size , the wording is very personal, depends on your need and he know what the best for you.
    So for those who want to get it from normal artist , your sakyant will not be personal and doesn’t come along with blessing from the monk.

    The temple I went , sakyant is performed only by yellow rob monk . There is different type of monks/ master and different monk/ master kept different precepts, so please research before you are getting one.
    (PS: White rob is different from Yellow )

    Don’t get one just because you think :-
    1) It is stylo.
    2) It Make you ” bulletproof ” or immortal.

    Carrying any sakyant need to practice min 5 precepts , if you can,please practice the 8 precepts or more. The more the better.
    If you cant practice 5 precepts ,is no point for you to take sakyant. You will not be protected ,no matter how famous, how expensive, how powerful , how big is your sakyant.

    For those who own any sakyant , please remember to pay visit to temple (Wat) regular to get blessing from Monk from time to time.

    PS : in all the thai temple , Monk give blessing FOR FREE . You may leave any donation at the donation box , any amount will do as long as it is from your happy heart.

  37. naomi says:

    sorry spelling error
    *He will choose the be suit for you.
    He will choose the best suit for you .

    *Yellow Robe

  38. Thanes says:

    Hi,im a girl from Malaysia.Can anyone translate the meaning of this mantra
    “Namo Putta Ya Na Metti
    Mo Putta Ya Na Na Metti
    Putta Ya Namo Na Metti
    Ta Ya Namo Put Na Metti
    Ya Namo Putta Na Metti”
    I would like to get myself the 5 sacred mantra.Going to hatyai this weekend and not sure where to get this tattoo done.Doing it for a purpose and not juz for art.

  39. jake says:

    Hey. Can you get the 5 lines on your forearm? or is that to low?

  40. basedbuddha says:

    What is the point of getting sak yant in a tattoo shop? I had a pretty big tattoo done in a temple, which was then blessed by the monk there using holy water and prayer. This cost me 60 baht. In the middle of rural Thailand. The people here saying they paid 2000 baht, are you crazy?

    My wife’s father has had his back covered in sak yant for about 30 years. He has the temple at the base of his neck going across his shoulders, a big compass yant (Paed Tidt), lions, hah taew, many different designs. Once he was robbed, someone pulled a gun on him and squeezed the trigger. He didn’t get shot, the gun jammed saving his life, and the sak yant has provided good luck and saved his life. He was also attacked with a knife but survived due to Sak Yant. His son has the exact same designs inked on his back. These tattoos have been around for a very long time.

    If you just going to Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya for a couple of weeks and you want to get a Sak Yant tattoo I think that is pretty lame. You should understand the culture of these tattoos before you get one; and you will not do that drinking in a red light tourist area, If you do not believe in the magic tattoos they will not work.

  41. mark says:

    Hello ,i have recieced numrous yants from a monk in northern Thanland,not far from Chiang mai.If you woupl like help in finding him i would be happy to help.He charges 39baht a offering of flowers,incence,and a candle and a donation ,which is up to you.You can contact me at mark_oakley@msn.com

  42. mark says:

    Hello,i have recieved many yants fron Phra Ajarn Dton,if you ae willing to follow the rules of the yants i would be happy to help and show you how to get there and translate for you.mark

  43. mark says:

    sorry email is mark_oakley@msn.com. you will need 39 baht an offering of flowers a candle,incence 12 sticks,and a donation for ink,whatever the yant is worth to you should also be offered.on completion.

  44. dayer says:

    Come on go to kruba noi in chiangmai.one of the top kruba monk in chiangmai.wat siridmoon.his top disciple can do for u.

  45. kevin says:

    Anyone know of any temples around phuket that you can get sak yant done ?

  46. Juan says:

    Hello everyone! I’m traveling to Thailand next year and I want to get the 5 row tattoo on my left shoulder. Does anybody know how much does it costs in U.S. dollars? And would it be the same as the one that got Angelina Jolie? (For protection, repelling bad energies, etc?)

  47. I just got my Sak Yant Tattoo in Chiang Mai Thailand and I am in love with it! I really researched my options to try and find a place where the equipment was safe. Luckily, I was able to take the time to talk with the monk too so we could decide on the right protection for me together 🙂 A lot of people go for the five lines but there are lots of different options: find what one is perfect for you. It’s an amazing experience and the fact that society is opening up more to the idea of women receiving these blessings is a really good thing.

  48. Miquelle says:

    Alice. Where did you go to receive? I am looking to go tomorrow

  49. Austin says:

    Yeah Alice, where did you go? That sounds like the perfect setup, and I’m planning a trip to Thailand later this year. Would appreciate any help you can offer!

  50. Asin says:

    After put the 5line tatoo and we curse people means will effect us or not.

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