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The Thai Zodiac Year closely resembles the Chinese Zodiac Year but in the Thai Zodiac, the Dragon is replaced by a Naga. The Chinese Zodiac Year and the Thai Zodiac both follow the 12 year Lunar Cycle with each of the 12 years represented by an animal, unlike the Western Zodiac which divides each year into months although the Chinese system does contain “inner animals” assigned to each month. 2009 is The Year of The Ox. 2010 will be the Year of The Tiger.

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Thai people are extremely superstitious, many frequently consulting Fortune Tellers ( Mor Dhu) so the “Year” of their birth is very significant to them, however, unlike the Chinese Zodiac, in Thailand the year of birth does not have quite the same importance when it comes to horoscopes and fortune telling which are usually calculated using the year, the month, the day and the exact time of birth. In the Thai Zodiac, different descriptions are given to each of the animals depending on the month and day but are only used in horoscope forecasting.

Note that in our chart below we have given the formal Thai Zodiac name for each of the animal years followed by their more colloquial name. In Thai, a sign of the Zodiac is commonly referred to as raasĕe (ราศี) and the 12 year cycle of the Zodiac is bpee nák-sàt (ปีนักษัตร)

Year of the RAT bpee chûat – bpee nŏo ปีชวด ปีหนู
Year of the OX bpee chà-lŏo – bpee wua ปีฉลู ปีวัว
Year of theTIGER bpee kăan – bpee sĕua ปีขาล ปีเสือ
Year of the RABBIT bpee tòr – bpee grà-dtàai ปีเถาะ ปีกระต่าย
Year of the DRAGON bpee má-rohng – bpee ngoo yài ปีมะโรง ปีงูใหญ่
Year of the SNAKE bpee má-sĕng – bpee ngoo lék ปีมะเส็ง ปีงูเล็ก
Year of the HORSE bpee má-mia – bpee máa ปีมะเมีย ปีม้าี
Year of the RAM bpee má-mae – bpee páe ปีมะแม ปีแพะ
Year of the MONKEY bpee wôk – bpee ling ปีวอก ปีลิง
Year of the ROOSTER bpee rá-gaa – bpee gài ปีระกา ปีไก่
Year of the DOG bpee jor – bpee măa ปีจอ ปีหมา
Year of the PIG bpee gun – bpee mŏo ปีกุน ปีหมู

Thai Zodiac Year Chart


Thai people associate a particular Temple with each of the 12 years in the Thai Zodiac. Many Thai people including Thai Buddhists, will try to visit the designated Temple for their birth year especially in the Thai Zodiac year of their birth. The Temples connected with each of the Thai Zodiac years are:

Year of the Rat Wat Phrathat Sri Chom Tong, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year of the Ox Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang, Lampang, Thailand
Year of the Tiger Wat Phrathat Chohae, Phrae, Thailand
Year of the Rabbit Wat Phrathat Chaehaeng, Nan, Thailand
Year of the Dragon Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year of the Snake Wat Jed Yod, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year of the Horse Schwedagon Pagoda, Rangoon, Myanmar
Year of the Ram Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year of the Monkey Wat Phrathat Nakorn Panom, Nakorn Panom, Thailand
Year of the Rooster Wat Phrathat Haripunchai, Lamphun, Thailand
Year of the Dog Wat Kedkaraam, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year of the Pig Wat Phrathat Doi Tung, Chiang Rai, Thailand
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5 Responses to “Chinese Zodiac Year – Thai Zodiac”

  1. Kim says:

    Hi, I am born in the year of the earth rooster and have been married to a water rabbit for 15 years now, together 17 years and have dated other rabbits in the past. I don’t quite agree with roosters and rabbits being enemies as also have a lot of rabbit friends.


  2. Thui Chapman says:

    Hi, I was born in the year of Ram and my boyfriend is born in the year of Rabbits… Can you tell me if we are compatible? Thnx Thui

  3. Jessica Khamphoui says:

    Hello, I was born in the year of the Tiger and have been with an Ox for about nine years now. We have grown to be compatible but at first it was really hard. My husband is very stubborn but I will never give up on him. Understanding and communication has been one of our downfalls but working on those two qualities made us grow.

  4. Chris Choj says:

    Is Dog considered prey against a tiger? I’m looking to get a Tiger Sak Yant.

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