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Made of Money – Not Us – These are Hard Times » Thai Guide To Thailand

It may look like we’re made of money but looks can deceive. These really are hard times. As you can see from our photograph below we are asking, no, begging you for help.

We travel the country at enormous personal expense (that’s a slight exaggeration as we only cover North and North Eastern Thailand), looking for interesting places to show you. We try our best to bring you high quality photography but our Brownie 127 is beginning (like us) to show its age. We try to give an insight on Thai Lifestyle and Culture. Just occasionally we try to introduce a little humour. We even give you the Lottery Results (sadly only after the event) But do we succeed. Unfortunately we cannot tell. We have no way of knowing without your feedback.

In just a few decades, the Internet has grown into an enormous resource that we now take for granted. Many of us spend more time on the Internet than we spend with our families or friends. We search for information, recipes, jobs, music, movies, houses and possibly even the occasional naughty pic. We get upset if we cannot find what we are looking for or if the information is out of date or hard to find but how many times have we used the “comment box” to say a few words of thanks when we do find what we were looking for. We expect the Internet to be a free resource, to inform and to entertain, paid for by someone, just as long as it is not us. The millions of enthusiastic bloggers around the World who are largely responsible for providing all that information, go unnoticed and unthanked.

Made of Money

So now we have brought out our begging bowl we hear you ask how you can help. We do not want your money (actually it would be nice but we are far too polite to ask). No, you can help us just by letting us know that someone else is actually reading what we write. Tell us what you think. Tell your friends about us, maybe even give us a mention on your own blogs. Please, don’t just ignore us. Blogging can be a lonely life but it doesn’t have to be.

The “model” in our photograph was made by a group of schoolchildren in Chiang Mai and can be seen at the Bosang Umbrella Festival, 2011 (We know that’s an outrageous “plug” but its on our new Blog Thai Guide to Chiang Mai so please take a look.)

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One Response to “Made of Money – Not Us – These are Hard Times”

  1. Mark d says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for your great site!

    Really appreciated the sections on tattoos (particularly the ha taew, which is what I was googling)

    Just leaving Thailand I wish I’d found it sooner!

    Cheers, mark

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