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Thai Festival – Borsang Umbrella Festival 2010 » Thai Guide To Thailand

The Thai Festival, the Borsang Umbrella Festival, is one of the most colourful events of the year in Chiang Mai. This Thai festival celebrates umbrellas which have been made in Borsang for nearly 100 years and have now become one of the best known symbols of Chiang Mai. The Borsang Umbrella Festival is a unique event in Thailand which gives visitors a chance to enjoy the beauty of this product as well as other handicraft products produced in San Kamphaeng and to marvel at the skill of the artists.

The streets and shops in the small village of Borsang are decorated with brightly coloured umbrellas and fans for this 3 day festival where visitors can join in the carnival atmosphere along with the locals.


Among the many events at this, the 27th Borsang Umbrella and San Kamphaeng Handicraft Festival (15th – 17th Jan 2010) are

Umbrella Decoration competition
Local Art & Culture performances
A procession of young Ladies in Lanna costumes riding bicycles and carrying umbrellas.(quite an art in itself)
Music performances
Borsang Umbrella Beauty Contest
Handicraft competitions
Motorcycle Cross Competition
Street Fair

The 2011 Borsang Umbrella Festival will take place on the 21st – 23rd January 2011










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