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Eating Bugs – Bees Nests – Bee Larvae » Thai Guide To Thailand

Thai food has a worldwide reputation for quality and taste but there are a surprisingly large number of Thai people who still enjoy eating bugs and insects including Bees nests containing the Eggs, Bee Larvae and partially formed baby bees which are a particular delight as a walk through many of Thailand’s fresh markets will show. Whilst eating Bugs and insects may not be to everyones taste, many countries in the world will have a speciality or two that people from other countries and cultures may find a bit strange. There are of course some advantages in eating bugs and insects. In some cases they can be collected for free. They are high in protein, low in fat. They contain no preservatives or artificial colourings.

Bee Nest and Larvae

So you’ve been to the market and purchased a kilo of bees nest and your mouth is watering at the thought of experiencing this exotic Food so you will need to know how to eat it. As you might expect in a country with such a diverse cuisine, there are several ways to enjoy a bees nest.

The simplest method is just to break off a small piece and eat it, a bit like eating a Brownie, taking care to scoop up any larvae that may fall out. Another method is to wrap pieces of the bees nest in banana leaves and roast them in an oven or on a BBQ, or put them in a steamer. The banana leaves will make the bee larvae aromatic and help stop them from drying out. Many people ask ‘what does it taste like’. The answer is a bit difficult as it doesn’t really taste of much at all. The best description is that it reminds me of the taste of cow’s milk.

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2 Responses to “Eating Bugs – Bees Nests – Bee Larvae”

  1. Amit says:

    I wonder how people eat it…what would be the taste…I am veg…If I ware a non vegetarian then would still avoid eating it…

  2. Arndt says:

    Bee larvae is fantastic! It tastes like milk and you eat it best when its still fresh with some honey. Delicious! Does anybody know the nutritional values? I’m looking for it, thank you if you can show me a link!

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