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There are 10 Airlines with Chiang Mai Flights. Only the airlines with direct Chiang Mai flights are listed below together with their contact details. Although Chiang Mai Airport is classed as an International Airport there are very few direct International flights to/from Chiang Mai, in most cases you have to route via Bangkok


Chiang Mai Airport is one of the 5 Airports in Thailand run by the Airports Authority of Thailand (AOT). Chiang Mai airport has 2 Terminals, Domestic and International, located in the same building. Chiang Mai International Airport is located about 4km SW from the centre of Chiang Mai, just off the Chiang Mai – Hang Dong Superhighway.


Customs Regulations in Thailand are clear and simple and enforced. Those with nothing to declare go through the Green Channel, those who do should use the Red Channel. Customs regulations are split into three type of goods. Duty Free goods, restricted goods and prohibited goods. Duty Free Goods, Green Channel, Nothing to Declare Personal belongings
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