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The X Centre is an x-treme sports centre in Chiang Mai and of all the activities they offer none are more extreme than the Bungy or Bungee Jump. The sign at the foot of the 50 meter high tower says it all, “Come here if you Dare”. Our intrepid photographer, Oak, did not really need
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We were reminded of Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Gravity when we visited the X-Centre, an Xtreme Sports centre, in Chiang Mai with the insane idea of doing the Bungee drop. Deciding to watch some other brave soul jump first, we wandered down to the Bungee Jump tower to be met with a large sign COME HERE IF YOU DARE. Who could resist such a challenge


Thais are crazy about football but unfortunately it’s not Thailand Football that they’re mostly interested in but the English Premier League. Thailand Football definitely comes second best among the fans. On match nights, the Bars and Restaurants with big screens are packed with fanatical supporters and those fortunate enough to have cable television are glued
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