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Phai Pongsathon

Phai Pongsathon, one of the best known singers in the Thai music genre known as Luktung, was born in Yasothon, a province in North Eastern Thailand. Phai Pongsathon, was born Prayoon Srijahn on the 12th June 1982 and was the youngest of 4 children. Life was extremely tough for the young Prayoon. Both his parents
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Bie The Star was born Sukrit Wisetkaew on the 4th September 1985 in Chiang Mai. Bie The Star is now one of the best known Thai Pop singers and also has a career as a TV actor. I Need Somebody was his debut hit in October 2006. Sukrit’s nickname Bie comes from the Northern Thai
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Jintara Poonlarp

Jintara Poonlarp, the well known Thai singer of Luktung music, was born on 12th March 1971 in the Thailand province of Roi Et. Jintara was actually born Tongbai Janluang, Jintara being her stage name, and later changed her name to Tongbai Poonlarp. One of a family of 5 children, Jintara enjoyed singing from an early
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Reggae Music in the Park

The very first Chiang Mai Smile Full Moon Party will be held on 27th February 2010 at Huay Tung Tao, just outside Chiang Mai. The Reggae Music in the Park will feature several Bands playing Rock, Ska, Reggae and Latin music together with DJs selecting the very best of Hiphop, Techno and Electro music. The
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One of the biggest stars of the Luktung music scene in Thailand is Tai Orathai. Thai Orathai, born Orathai Kapdam on March 27th 1980 in Ubon Ratchathani has a beautiful captivating singing voice that has made her popular not only in Thailand but also in the United States and Europe where she has toured several times.


Thai Reggae started about 20 years ago with a Thai Band called T-Bone. Formed by a group of college friends, T-Bone, the Ska Reggae Band, took its name from a brand of Jeans of the same name which their lead singer Gap was making at the time. T-Bone started out playing Reggae music, influenced by Bob Marley and gradually introduced Ska and Jazz into their repertoire.


Job2Do is without a doubt the best known Thai Reggae Band in Thailand. Job2Do, with lead singer Job Bunjob, has a huge cult following in Thailand and thanks to the many visitors who have seen his concerts in Thailand, now has a substantial following in many other countries.


The 5th annual Thai Reggae Fest will take place in Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, on 29th and 30th January 2010 at Coffee in Love. The theme of this year’s Thai Reggae Fest will be “Combat Global Warming”
The 2010 Thai Reggae Fest will feature performances by
T-BONE , KAI-JO BROTHERS , TEDDY SKA , AZTONAPAI (GREECE), IMPULSE BAND (The African band), together with other singers from Thailand and abroad.


KangKeng is one of the latest Phua Cheewit bands to hit the Thai music scene with their debut Songs for Life Album, Kangkeng Tua Tee 1. Phua Cheewit or Songs for Life music is a blend of Rock and Country music made famous by the bands Caravan and Carabao. Gai, the lead singer of the band KangKeng is from South Thailand


Jonas Anderson is one of best known singers in Thailand of the Thaimusic genre known as Luktung and most surprisingly is not a Thai. Jonas Anderson was born in Sweden and came with his parents to Thailand when he was just 9 years old. They settled in Nakorn Ratchasima in Isaan, N.E. Thailand which is right in the heart of Luktung music country.

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