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Just watch as an Apple I-Pod is powered by a Durian. You can almost smell the power. This Durian power supply is a perfect example of Thai innovation, and when the Durian’s power runs down it can simply be eaten so no messy disposal problems. Can you imagine thousands of these Durians connected to the
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Broken Dream-Thai Katoey

Shock Horror. The man of her dreams turns out to be a Thai Katoey. You can just feel the heartbreak of her broken dream in this amusing Thai commercial which shows an overweight Thai girl sitting with a plate piled high with food as she discovers that her macho pin-up boy is not quite what
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Thai Beauty-more-than-meets-the-eye

In this amusing Thai commercial a Katoey shows she has more than meets the eye, actually quite a lot more, when she enters the elevator. This Katoey certainly gets our sympathy. Who for example, hasn’t tried to hold in their breath at the swimming pool or beach when other people are watching.


This Thai Commercial about Tragic Love was produced for a Thai Company that makes ceiling tiles, and tells the sad tale of 2 Geckos in love. This tragic love story is sure to bring tears to your eyes as one of the Geckos falls to his death followed by his lover.


This amusing Thai Commercial made for M-Shop shows a Thai Baby happily contemplating his next meal when he spies a Katoey. The reactions of the Thai Baby to the Katoey are hilarious as he as he demonstrates that he is no longer thinking about food.


This humorous Thai commercial, shake your body, warns against the dangers of being one of Thailand’s Fat Cats and enjoying life too much. Shake your body was produced for The Thai Life Insurance Company, Meuang Thai Pragan Cheewit.


In this Thai Commercial for energy saving, a smiling girl is being asked to boost tourism by smiling more, with disastrous consequences.Our smiling girl brings new meaning to Thailand, The Land of Smiles.


In this Thai Commercial for Pennzoil, a group of Pattaya Ladyboys (Katoeys) spy a handsome man and begin a car chase. Although the Pattaya Ladyboys tell him he is very handsome when they drive alongside, the man does not appear to be too impressed by the screaming Ladyboys and has his own idea as this
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