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Just watch as an Apple I-Pod is powered by a Durian. You can almost smell the power. This Durian power supply is a perfect example of Thai innovation, and when the Durian’s power runs down it can simply be eaten so no messy disposal problems. Can you imagine thousands of these Durians connected to the
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Our Tony Jaa Bio introduces the Thai Martial Arts Movies star, Panom Yeerum. Tony Jaa was born Panom Yeerum in Surin, North Eastern Thailand on 5th February 1976. Interested in Martial Arts from a very young age, Tony Jaa would try to imitate his idols, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li and would practice
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Ong Bak 3

All those fans of Tony Jaa will be delighted by the release of an official teaser trailer for Ong Bak 3 but will not be happy to learn of yet another delay in the release of this Thai Movie. Ong Bak 3 which stars Tony Jaa and also features Petchtai Wongkamlao (Mum) is now expected
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In the Shadow of the Naga

Perhaps the most controversial Thai film to date will finally be released on 18th March 2010. In the Shadow of the Naga ( Nak Prok) has spent 3 years battling with censorship and only obtained a license for its release after the new rating system for Thai films was introduced. In the Shadow of the
[

Broken Dream-Thai Katoey

Shock Horror. The man of her dreams turns out to be a Thai Katoey. You can just feel the heartbreak of her broken dream in this amusing Thai commercial which shows an overweight Thai girl sitting with a plate piled high with food as she discovers that her macho pin-up boy is not quite what
[

Thai Beauty-more-than-meets-the-eye

In this amusing Thai commercial a Katoey shows she has more than meets the eye, actually quite a lot more, when she enters the elevator. This Katoey certainly gets our sympathy. Who for example, hasn’t tried to hold in their breath at the swimming pool or beach when other people are watching.


The Thai Star known as Goh Tee is one of Thailand’s most loved comedians. Goh Tee ( โก๊ะตี๋) was born Jaroernpohn Onlamai on the 31st December 1980 and attended the Wat Phra It primary school in the central Thai province of Ang Thong where he acquired the nickname of Goh Tee because of his topknot hairstyle with pigtail known in Thailand as Pohm Goh, a popular hairstyle among Thai children


This Thai Commercial about Tragic Love was produced for a Thai Company that makes ceiling tiles, and tells the sad tale of 2 Geckos in love. This tragic love story is sure to bring tears to your eyes as one of the Geckos falls to his death followed by his lover.


Petchtai Wongkamlao, better known as Mum or Mum Jokmok was born on the 24th June 1963, in the Isaan province of Yasothon, N.E. Thailand. Petchtai Wongkamlao had 7 brothers and sisters. His younger sister ran away from home at the age of about 16 and went to Bangkok where she became a comedian.


The eagerly awaited sequel to the Thai Film Yaem Yasothon, Yaem Yasothon 2, is scheduled for release on 3rd December 2009. The Thai Film, Yaem Yasothon 2, is a country comedy and stars Mum Jokmok ( Petchtai Wongkamlao) as Yaem. Mum Jokmok is also the Director of the film. Included in the cast is Janet Khiew who returns as Yaem’s glamorous and amorous wife Juei along with 2 of Mum Jokmok’s own children, his daughter Em Busarakam Wongkamlao, who plays the part of Yaem’s daughter, and his son Mick Paytai Wongkamlao.

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