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Thai Ghosts

No country in the World has stronger beliefs in ghosts than Thailand. In Thailand, the Thai Ghost is alive and well, feared by all but oddly enough, perhaps out of morbid curiosity, a Thai Ghost movie always attracts large crowds. The Thai ghost is not just a single entity, there are dozens of different types of ghost, each one more terrifying than the next and most Thai people including children will be able to recite the names of many of them.

Thai people will go to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves against ghosts and evil spirits as the widespread use of amulets and Sacred Sak Yant tattoos will testify.


There are many tales in Thailand about a Thai Ghost but none is as well known as the story about the Thai Ghost known as Mae Nak. Mae Nak was a much feared type of Thai Ghost called a Phi Tai Tong Glom. The tale of Mae Nak is both terrifying and touching. It is
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The Phi Kraseu ( ผีกระสือ ) is not only the most feared Thai Ghost but also perhaps the most recognizable of all Thai Spirits. Certainly, the Phi Kraseu is the best known Thai Ghost among Westerners, thanks mainly to the proliferation of Thai Ghost Movies which feature the Phi Kraseu. The subject of Thai Ghosts
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Do you believe in Ghosts. If you do then you are in for a treat in Thailand’s Spirit World. In Thailand, ghosts, known as Phi or Pii, are no laughing matter. Most Thai people believe in ghosts and even those who say they don’t will still take elaborate measures to ensure that members of the
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The Thai Legend of Nang Kwak, revered as the Patron Saint of business, is one of the best known legends in Thailand and dates back to before the birth of Buddhism in Thailand. The legend of Nang Kwak originates from India where she was known as Supawadee, the daughter of a small merchant. Legend tells
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