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Magic & Superstition

Although Thailand is a Buddhist country, its roots are firmly entrenched in Animism and superstition. Many Thai people believe in ghosts and will wear amulets or special tattoos known as Sak Yants for protection.

This belief in Magic and Superstition is stronger in the countryside but with the influx of people to the cities seeking employments, the beliefs are widespread.

This conviction of the existence of Magic and Superstition has spawned multi-million Baht operations for the manufacture and sale of Amulets. Ghost Doctors (Mor Phi) can be found in many villages and some of them have become famous. There is no end to the superstitious methods employed by some Thai people to ensure they will pick the winning Lottery number.

The Thai Zodiac is important in the lives of all Thai People. The animal year in which they were born has a great significance in their lives and will play no small part during their everyday existence.

Year of the Dragon

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. In the Thai Zodiac, the Dragon is often replaced by a Naga. The Year of the Dragon and the Chinese New Year will commence on the 23rd January 2012 and will be influenced by the Element “Water”. In the Chinese Zodiac and also the
[

Sacred Skin - Sak Yant Magic Tattoo

Information in easy to understand plain English about Sak Yant, the Magic Tattoo or Buddhist Tattoo has been hard to find – until now. Sacred Skin – Thailand’s Spirit Tattoos is a new book by Tom Vater with photography by Aroon Thaewchatturat. Sacred Skin uncovers the mysteries of Sak Yant, which has been a spiritual
[


Sacred Ink is a photographic and multimedia installation exhibition by Cedric Arnold exploring the world of Sak Yant, the Magic Tattoo. Sacred Ink features over 45 large format black-and-white photographs taken in Thailand, as well as sound, video and multimedia projections bringing us further into the world of spiritual tattoos. A body, used as a
[

Naree Pon, Tree Women

One of the greatest mysteries in Thailand surrounds the existence of Tree Women known as Naree Pon or Makalipon. Naree Pon are like fruit Faeries, females with perfect form and great beauty but miniature in size. Legend has it that the God Indra ( Phra Indra or Phra-In in Thailand) created a magical forest as
[

Sak Yant Mae Tap

The Sak Yant design Mae Tap is one of the great universal Sak Yant designs. Mae Tap means Commander-in-Chief and this gives us the first clue as to the meanings behind this Powerful and Sacred Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoo design. Mae Tap is sometimes referred to as the Guardian Yant. The benefits which the Sak
[


There are many tales in Thailand about a Thai Ghost but none is as well known as the story about the Thai Ghost known as Mae Nak. Mae Nak was a much feared type of Thai Ghost called a Phi Tai Tong Glom. The tale of Mae Nak is both terrifying and touching. It is
[

Power of Magic

Sak Yant, the sacred Magic Tattoo or Buddhist Tattoo, when applied by a Buddhist Monk or Brahmin Priest, will confer on the wearer certain benefits and protection. The Sak Yant’s power of magic has been known to Thai people for hundreds of years, long before Buddhism came to Thailand, but Sak Yant has only recently
[

Sak Yant- Tong Maharat

This Sak Yant design is called the Tong Maharat which means Great Flag. Long before the custom of tattooing Yants onto skin they were inscribed onto cloth or metal. The Tong Maharat was a very popular choice as the mantras on it bestow on the owners the qualities of mercy, kindness and compassion together with
[


The Phi Kraseu ( ผีกระสือ ) is not only the most feared Thai Ghost but also perhaps the most recognizable of all Thai Spirits. Certainly, the Phi Kraseu is the best known Thai Ghost among Westerners, thanks mainly to the proliferation of Thai Ghost Movies which feature the Phi Kraseu. The subject of Thai Ghosts
[


The next Year of the Ox in the Thai Zodiac will be 2021. The Year of the Ox, sometimes referred to as the Year of the Bull or Year of the Buffalo is known in Thailand as Pee Shaloo. In the Thai Zodiac which is broadly based on the Chinese Zodiac, The Ox is the
[

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