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Asaha Bucha Day

In his very first sermon, The Lord Buddha explained the basic doctrine of Buddhism. The essence of Buddhism is embodied in his teaching of The Four Noble Truths which are fundamental to Buddhist beliefs. It is essential to Buddhists and those people interested in Buddhism to fully understand the Four Noble Truths as they are
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Making Merit

A popular way of making merit for Buddhists in Thailand to gain good karma in preparation for their reincarnation, is to release animals from captivity into the wild. These can be small birds, fish, tortoises and other small animals. Accumulating good Karma is essential for a better future life. However, in Thailand, this way of
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Thailand's Got Talent

The Thai Ladyboy Bell Nuntita wowed the audience and judges in a recent Thailand’s Got Talent competition. If any members of the audience had any doubts as to the true identity of the very attractive Bell, they were surely dispelled as she began her song with a beautiful female soprano voice. Half way through the
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Made of Money

It may look like we’re made of money but looks can deceive. These really are hard times. As you can see from our photograph below we are asking, no, begging you for help. We travel the country at enormous personal expense (that’s a slight exaggeration as we only cover North and North Eastern Thailand), looking
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Triangle Cushion

Triangle Cushions or triangular backrests are among the best known Thai Handicrafts products. Aesthetically pleasing and practical as well, these Thai Triangle Cushions which are called Mawn Kwan or Mawn Sahm Liem, have become popular outside Thailand and can now be purchased in many of the World’s largest Department Stores. In rural Thailand these Thai
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The most sacred of Thai Buddhas in Tak province is the Phra Saenthong. The Phra Saenthong Buddha statue can be found in the Phra Ubosot at Wat Mani Banphot Woraviharn, a royal temple close to the city of Tak in Northern Thailand. The Phra Saenthong Buddha image is 30″ wide across the lap and is
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The traditional art of Thai fruit carving including watermelon carving, began in Thailand in the 14th century during the reign of King Phra Ruang, the 1st King of the Sukothai Kingdom. The first fruit carving is said to have been created to decorate a kratong during the Thai festival of Loy Kratong. Originally seen only
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Wat Sanghathan

Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center, one of the popular Thailand Meditation Centers, is located in the Thailand Province of Nonthaburi, very close to Bangkok. Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center offers Meditation based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Mindfulness on breathing and other methods as taught in the Tripitaka (Scriptures). You are allowed to stay at the
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Dhamma Kancana

The Dhamma Kancana Vipassana Meditation Center is in the Thailand Province of Kanchanaburi. Dhamma Kancana offers bilingual courses in Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N.Goenka and the 10 day courses offered form an ideal introductory course to Vipassana Meditation and techniques. There are tapes available so that whichever language you speak you will still be
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Wian Tian

On the major Buddhist Holidays, Thai Buddhists will gather in the evening at Temples all over Thailand to take part in a Buddhist Ceremony known as ‘Wian Tian”. Wian Tian is a candlelight procession where the people will walk three times around a Temple in a clockwise direction, carrying a lighted candle, Joss sticks and
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