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Erythrina crista-galli

Erythrina crista-galli is a small deciduous tree known as the Cockspur Coral Tree. Erythrina crista-galli is called Thong laang hong kong in Thailand. Yet another common name for this tree is the Cry Baby Tree, so called because of the drops of nectar that drip off the lip like tears. Native to Brazil, the Cockspur
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Erythrina is a genus that includes about 120 species of deciduous trees commonly known as Coral Tree. E.variegata, the Indian Coral Tree or Flame Tree has 2 varieties, Erythrina variegata var. variegata, a variegated form, and Erythrina variegata var. Indica, formerly known as Erythrina Indica when it was considered a separate species, the leaves of
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Couroupita Guianensis sometimes called the Cannonball tree because of its large cannonball shaped fruits is also known as the Sala Tree. Couroupita Guianensis is considered a sacred tree in India by Hindus. Buddhist scriptures tell us that the Lord Buddha was born under the shade of a Sala Tree and died between two of these trees.


The Ashoka Tree, Saraca Indica, originated from the Indian sub continent but is now widely grown in Thailand and S.E.Asia. In mythology, Kama, the Hindu God of erotic love, used the Ashoka flower on one of his five arrows which he used to incite desire and passion. It is easy to see why Kama chose
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Roselle is Hibiscus sabdariffa, a perennial herb native to the tropics. Roselle is also known as Rosella and in Thailand is called Kra-jiap. Hibiscus sabdariffa grows to about 2m and has pinkish white or pale yellow flowers with a fleshy calyx at the base. As the fruit matures, these calyxes enlarge and turn a purplish
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