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Thailand is fortunate to have a wide variety of native Thai orchids, but unfortunately some of these extremely beautiful Thai Orchids are becoming rare. In addition to the native Thai Orchids, Thailand has produced many hybrid orchids which are among the most beautiful orchids in the World. Popular throughout the World, Thai Orchids, both the wild varieties and the vast number of Hybrids are both beautiful to look at but also, surprisingly, easy to grow.

Dendrobium unicum

Dendrobium unicum Seidenf. is a unique Thai orchid because, after the 1st year, it sheds its leaves before flowering. This is the reason that Dendrobium unicum got its name. The Thai orchid,Dendrobium unicum, is known in Thailand as “Euang Krang Saet” (เอี้องครั่งแสด). Dendrobium unicum is classed as a miniature orchid and is an Epiphyte, which
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Gastrochilus bellinus

The flowers of this Thai Orchid may be small, measuring just over 2 cm wide but Gastrochilus bellinus (Rchb.f) Kuntze is an extremely beautiful Thai epiphytic orchid. Gastrochilus bellinus can be found in Northern Thailand and is also distributed throughout Southern China, Laos and Myanmar (Burma). In Thailand, this orchid, known as “Seua Dam”, grows at altitude in hilly evergreen forests.

Pomatocalpa spicata Breda

Pomatocalpa spicata Breda is an epiphytic Thai Orchid known in Thailand as Chang Dam. Distribution of Pomatocalpa spicata Breda is from India to S.E.Asia and can be found in almost all the Thailand regions both in dry and moist evergreen forests. The sepals and petals of the flowers, which are approx 0.5cm across, are yellow,
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The Thai Orchid, Pelatantheria insectifera Ridl. is known in Thai as “euang Jakajan” and is reason sometimes referred to as the Insect Bearing Pelatanthera. Pelatantheria insectifera Ridl can be found in broadleaf evergreen lowland forests on limestone rock throughout the North, East and West of Thailand and is native to India, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.


Rhynchostylis gigantea Lindl. is a most attractive Thai Orchid. There are several colour varieties of Rhynchostylis gigantea and this variety, petotiana, known as Chang Peuak in Thailand, has white flowers with a pale green column. Rhynchostylis gigantea is becoming a collector’s species with new colour varieties appearing regularly. Rhynchostylis gigantea Lindl. petotiana can be found in Southern China and throughout mainland S.E. Asia but unfortunately, in Thailand can rarely be found in its natural habitat.


Dendrobium heterocarpum Lindl is a Thai epiphytic orchid found in all regions of Thailand excepting the Central region. Dendrobium heterocarpum Lindl is distributed in the Himalayan ridges, Southern China and S.E.Asia. Dendrobium heterocarpum Lindl grows in hilly evergreen forests above 1000m.


Rhynchostylis gigantea (Lindl.) is an epiphytic Thai orchid widely distributed in every region except the South of Thailand. Rhynchostylis gigantea is found throughout most of S.E. Asia and China. The flowering period for this Thai Orchid is December – January.


Our flowering Orchid, which incidentally was sold as an Oncidium, is either a Beallara or a Miltassia. If our flowering orchid is indeed a Beallara then it may be Peggy Ruth Carpenter – “Morning Joy”. That orchid was apparently bred from Beallara Tahoma Glacier “Green” and Miltonia “Purple Queen”. If our flowering orchid is a Miltassia, then it is a cross between a Miltonia and a Brassia, the hybrid name unknown.

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