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Rhinoceros Beetle-Kwang

Belonging to the Scarabaeidae or Scarab family of beetles, the Rhinoceros Beetle, known as Kwang in Thailand, is, size for size, the World’s strongest animal. Rhinoceros Beetles are able to lift over 800 times their own weight. The Rhinoceros Beetle gets its name from its “horns” which it uses to great effect in battles with
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Red Weaver Ants

Ants bite and Thailand’s Red Weaver Ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) are no exception. These red weaver ants are territorial and aggressive. When the ants bite you will certainly know about it. Rarely will you escape with just one ant bite as their amazing communication system can quickly gather a whole army to deal with your intrusion.
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Don’t we all just love Cockroaches. Just to remind you what endearing creatures they are, we have included some cockroach pictures together with a few cockroach facts. In Thailand cockroaches seem to be everywhere, in the markets, restaurants and in our homes. The very sight of a cockroach fills us with horror and if we should find one in our own home we also feel shame and embarrassment especially if visitors are present.

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