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Atlas Moth

The Atlas Moth, Attacus Atlas is the largest moth in the World in terms of wing surface area and with a wingspan of up to 30cms, the Atlas Moth is one of the largest moths in overall terms. The female Atlas Moth is larger than the male and also heavier. The lifespan of an Atlas
[

Dendrobium unicum

Dendrobium unicum Seidenf. is a unique Thai orchid because, after the 1st year, it sheds its leaves before flowering. This is the reason that Dendrobium unicum got its name. The Thai orchid,Dendrobium unicum, is known in Thailand as “Euang Krang Saet” (เอี้องครั่งแสด). Dendrobium unicum is classed as a miniature orchid and is an Epiphyte, which
[

Long Tailed Sun Skink

A Skink is a species of lizard and among Lizards, Skinks are the most diverse. The Long Tailed Sun Skink, Mabuya longicaudata is also known as the Long Tailed Mabuya and is a beautiful and graceful Skink with a tail length more than twice the length of its head and body and can grow to
[

Rhinoceros Beetle-Kwang

Belonging to the Scarabaeidae or Scarab family of beetles, the Rhinoceros Beetle, known as Kwang in Thailand, is, size for size, the World’s strongest animal. Rhinoceros Beetles are able to lift over 800 times their own weight. The Rhinoceros Beetle gets its name from its “horns” which it uses to great effect in battles with
[

Gastrochilus bellinus

The flowers of this Thai Orchid may be small, measuring just over 2 cm wide but Gastrochilus bellinus (Rchb.f) Kuntze is an extremely beautiful Thai epiphytic orchid. Gastrochilus bellinus can be found in Northern Thailand and is also distributed throughout Southern China, Laos and Myanmar (Burma). In Thailand, this orchid, known as “Seua Dam”, grows at altitude in hilly evergreen forests.

Pomatocalpa spicata Breda

Pomatocalpa spicata Breda is an epiphytic Thai Orchid known in Thailand as Chang Dam. Distribution of Pomatocalpa spicata Breda is from India to S.E.Asia and can be found in almost all the Thailand regions both in dry and moist evergreen forests. The sepals and petals of the flowers, which are approx 0.5cm across, are yellow,
[

Erythrina crista-galli

Erythrina crista-galli is a small deciduous tree known as the Cockspur Coral Tree. Erythrina crista-galli is called Thong laang hong kong in Thailand. Yet another common name for this tree is the Cry Baby Tree, so called because of the drops of nectar that drip off the lip like tears. Native to Brazil, the Cockspur
[

Red Weaver Ants

Ants bite and Thailand’s Red Weaver Ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) are no exception. These red weaver ants are territorial and aggressive. When the ants bite you will certainly know about it. Rarely will you escape with just one ant bite as their amazing communication system can quickly gather a whole army to deal with your intrusion.
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Garden Fence Lizard

Calotes versicolor, commonly known as the Garden Fence Lizard, is a color changing lizard. Calotes versicolor is widely distributed throughout S.E.Asia including Thailand. This color changing lizard can change color rapidly, varying between uniformly tan to grey with reddish markings. Calotes versicolor can be easily identified by the 2 small spines above the tympanum but
[


Erythrina is a genus that includes about 120 species of deciduous trees commonly known as Coral Tree. E.variegata, the Indian Coral Tree or Flame Tree has 2 varieties, Erythrina variegata var. variegata, a variegated form, and Erythrina variegata var. Indica, formerly known as Erythrina Indica when it was considered a separate species, the leaves of
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