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Insects and Bugs

Bee Nest and Larvae

Thai food has a worldwide reputation for quality and taste but there are a surprisingly large number of Thai people who still enjoy eating bugs and insects including Bees nests containing the Eggs, Bee Larvae and partially formed baby bees which are a particular delight as a walk through many of Thailand’s fresh markets will
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Red Ant Eggs

Considered weird food by some, ant eggs are a delicacy in Northern and N.Eastern Thailand especially. Red Ant Eggs ( Kai Mot Daeng) are available in local markets but many Thai people will collect the ant eggs by themselves. Along with Ant Eggs many other insects and bugs are popular in Thailand. This can be
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Thai people like eating bugs and in Thailand there are many species of edible insects. Eating bugs like Mengdah, whilst unsavoury to some people, is very healthy as many are high in protein. Mengdah (แมงดา) or Mengdah nah is a giant water bug which used to belong to the Hemiptera family but is now included
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