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Exotic Food

Thailand’s fertile soil provides an abundance of food including some very exotic food which is highly sought after. The kindest thing we can say about some of this exotic food is that it is full of protein. Many Thai restaurants, especially in Northern Thailand will have some of these speciality exotic foods on the menu and of course they are easily obtained at the markets.

What to outsiders may be looked upon as Bugs, Caterpillars etc. or foods that smell as if they are well past their sell-by date, are regarded by many Thai people as a treat. Full of protein they may well be but many of these exotic food items are definitely an acquired taste.


The Longan or Lamyai as it is known in Thailand is the fruit of the Dimocarpus longan tree. The name Longan comes from the Cantonese and means Dragon Eyes and is so called because the black seeds of the Longan can clearly be seen through the translucent flesh and resemble mythical dragon eyes. Lamyai trees
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Bee Nest and Larvae

Thai food has a worldwide reputation for quality and taste but there are a surprisingly large number of Thai people who still enjoy eating bugs and insects including Bees nests containing the Eggs, Bee Larvae and partially formed baby bees which are a particular delight as a walk through many of Thailand’s fresh markets will
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Red Ant Eggs

Considered weird food by some, ant eggs are a delicacy in Northern and N.Eastern Thailand especially. Red Ant Eggs ( Kai Mot Daeng) are available in local markets but many Thai people will collect the ant eggs by themselves. Along with Ant Eggs many other insects and bugs are popular in Thailand. This can be
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I cannot imagine life without Pla Ra. Pla Ra is that fermented fish condiment which some people actually say smells bad. To me, Pla Ra has a great taste and a mouthwatering aroma but just taking the lid off a jar of Pla Ra in the presence of a Farang will usually be enough to
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Thai people like eating bugs and in Thailand there are many species of edible insects. Eating bugs like Mengdah, whilst unsavoury to some people, is very healthy as many are high in protein. Mengdah (แมงดา) or Mengdah nah is a giant water bug which used to belong to the Hemiptera family but is now included
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